Standard Dimensions: 600mmH x 300mmW x 220mmD

S.E.P can provide a solution to house components for a variety of heavy-duty outdoor applications including rail, road/traffic management, outdoor data, circuit breakers, lighting systems and general industrial applications.

Our Pole-Mounted Enclosures are designed to protect electrical equipment from harsh outdoor environments.

Non-Vented enclosures Comply with IP65 while the Vented option Complies with IP55.

Manufactured from 1.5mm Stainless Steel 304 grade or 316 on request, these enclosures are extremely corrosion resistant and feature an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Sealing Gasket to prevent water from entering the enclosure.

Pole mounted enclosures can be manufactured so the door is either Hinged with a  3-point  cam lock system or by a fixed lid options which is locked by Security screws.

All enclosures have M6 Earthing studs welded to the body and front cover.

Enclosures are hand polished to a grain finish to minimise glare and prevent reflection.

If required enclosures can be powder coated in any colour from the Dulux Duralloy range.

To ensure that enclosures fit securely on the pole S.E.P supply heavy duty mounting kits. Our kits enable the end user to connect the enclosure onto widths ranging from 245mmW-350mmW.

We can also supply Wall mounting brackets or can fabricate an alternative option to suit your specifications.

We offer fast and affordable in-house customisation on most enclosure models.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.