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M4M as a stand-alone network analyzer guarantees all power monitoring needs in the energy distribution system: from high-accuracy energy efficiency monitoring of electrical parameters to complete power quality analysis through advanced KPIs. Thanks to its connectivity capabilities, M4M can leverage the integration in ABB scalable energy and asset management solutions to monitor, optimize and control the complete electrical system


  • Statistical metering and energy cost optimization, avoiding fees and penalties
  • Equipment monitoring through power quality analysis
  • Support in compliance with legislations for energy efficiency

Main Features:

  • High-accuracy monitoring class 0.5S compliant to main metering standards (IEC 62053-22 and IEC 61557-12)
  • Intuitive configuration and visualization thanks to easy-to-use HMI
  • All-removable terminals, Rogowski compliance and 57mm depth in the panel for easy installation and wiring
  • Natively integrated in ABB Ability™ EDCS environment

M4M 20

M4M 20 is a network analyzer with 2 digital outputs, aux supply 48-240 V AC/DC and Bluetooth


M4M 20 ETHERNET is a network analyzer with 2 digital outputs, aux supply 48-240 V AC/DC, Bluetooth and Modbus TCP/IP