Screened Cable Isolation (VSD) Enclosures

The Screened Cable Isolation (VSD) Enclosures have been designed to ensure the complete circumference of the Screened Cable is maintained from the incoming and outgoing motor cables of the isolator. Where the phase cables are terminated into the Isolator, the screen is still connected using the compatible cable glands, screwed into the base of the Isolator Enclosure.

Using the technically designed insert, bolted in the Enclosure, the screens are connected together and isolated from steel work, ensuring a 360 degree earth. The insert is a solid piece of 3mm brass encapsulated by chemically resistant industrial grade PALRAM PVC (Patent pending). The Enclosure does require a separate electrical earth as the screened cable is now separate from the Enclosure

SEPVSD110-15 kW 2x20mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD210-15 kW 2x25mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD310-15 kW2x32mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD4215-45 kW 2x25mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD5215-75 kW2x32mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD6215-75 kW2x40mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD7215-75 kW2x50mm 1x16mm
SEPVSD8375-375 kW2x63mm 1 x 16mm