The S.E.P Human Machine Interface (HMI) Cabinet is manufactured from Grade 304 1.5mm Stainless Steel.

These cabinets can be wall mounted or bolted onto a pedestal and feature a removable keyboard shelf that enables alternative use of the module as an equipment protector in hazardous environments.

Cam locks are used to keep the Polycarbonate screen (350mmH x 600mmW) viewing door securely closed, while EPDM food grade ethylene/propylene is used to seal the door.

An internal Formica gear plate equipped with a double plug and two RJ45 outlets are also provided.

Air vents are positioned in each side of the unit to allow adequate ventilation for the hard drive and equipment.

Dimensions can be altered to suit your requirements – Grade 316 Stainless Steel available on request.



SEP3730600mmH x 750mmW x 450mmDWALL MOUNTED
SEP3731600mmH x 750mmW x 450mmDPEDESTAL STAND