ABB busbar connectors are expertly engineered to ensure safety, usability and continuous operation

Engineered for usability

The connectors have been designed for easier cabling and visual inspection of connections. The cabling space has been increased and the tightening torque has been harmonized. This speeds installation up and expands the areas of application.

Tested for reliability
The connectors have been tested according to IEC 61238-1-1 class A. The design includes qualitative pressure part and contact grease for improved connection reliability.

Safety as standard
The connectors enable an even safer installation thanks to the high-quality busbar screw connection and full IP20X protection. Production information markings are available for easy available mounting guidelines.

ADC 25

Non-insulated connector.
63A T-S 1.5-25mm.
May only be used with non-protected busbars


Non-insulated connector.
200A T-S 6-95mm.
May only be used with non-protected busbars

ADO 240

Non-insulated connector.
400A T-S 70-240mm.
May only be used with non-protected busbars

AD 350

Non-insulated connector for connecting three separate conductors.
400A T-S 3X 6-50mm.
May only be used with non-protected busbars

AD 95

Insulated connector.
200A T-S 6-95mm

AD 2150

Insulated connector for parallel conductors.
400A T-S 35 x 2-150mm

AD 300

Insulated connector.
630A T-S 50-300mm

AD 400

Insulated connector.
630A T-S 50-400mm


Insulated connector for compact fitting of AD 300 for 3 phases.
500A T-S 50-300mm

ADP 300

Insulated connector for parallel conductors with fuse-switch-disconnectors SLD 1, SLD 2 and also circuit-breakers ABB Tmax T5