S.E.P Stainless Steel Basket Section Mesh Cable Tray is made in New Zealand using: 5mm—T304 / ½ Hard Tempered Stainless Steel Rod. This rod is sourced from overseas and has been manufactured to the International specification Din 1.4571 (V4A) AISI 316 TI. Characteristics of the material used and the finished product, has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of electrical and communication installation.

Individual units have a standard length of 3metres; side walls of 60mm, with width variations of 60mm—100mm—150mm—200mm– 300mm– 400mm—450mm—500mm—600mm. In the smaller sizes, 60mm-100mm, we also manufacture with 30mm side walls. They are lightweight, strong and effective, easy to install, yet will not break even when overloaded. S.E.P Stainless Steel Fire Resistance Wire Basket Cable Trays allow air circulation to keep wiring cool, offering good resistance to corrosion in natural and food atmospheres.

S.E.P also offers pre-made horizontal bends, internal risers, external risers and horizontal ‘T’ sections. If preferred, you can use universal joining plates, joining clamps, joining strips, hanging brackets, side supports, centre divider, conduit supports or mounting brackets. All accessories are supplied pre-drilled complete with nuts and bolts as required. Units can be welded together on site; a Quick Fit range of accessories is also available.

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