Horizontal Equal T Junction

S.E.P Manufacturer Equal T Junctions from Grade 304 5mm Stainless Steel. As we fabricate these inhouse we can also supply T Junctions in different dimensions based on your requirements EG. 2 x Incoming @ 150mmW with 1 x outgoing @ 400mmW. Please contact us to discuss your specifications PART NO. DIMENSIONS SEP3400 60mmW SEP3401 100mmW

Vertical External Risers

S.E.P Vertical External Risers are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless steel. Flat sections are machine welded prior to the wall & support sections being Tig welded by hand. Lastly where required the joints are bead blasted to clean the welds. This process gives the risers strength with a quality finish. PART NO. DIMENSIONS SEP3600 60mm

Bolt Together Components For Mesh

Pre Drilled Cantilever Wall Bracket PART NO. MESH DIMENSIONS SEP3070 60mmW SEP3071 100mmW SEP3072 150mmW SEP3073 200mmW SEP3074 300mmW SEP3075 400mmW SEP3076 450mmW SEP3077 500mmW SEP3078 600mmW SEP3060 Universal Clamp SEP3061 Small Joining Clamp SEP3062 Large Joining Clamp SEP3063 Universal hanging/hold down bracket SEP3064 Joining/hanging/hold down bracket SEP3065 Conduit support vertical SEP3066 Conduit support horizontal

Quick Fit Components

SEP2999 Top Mounting Enclosure Bracket 65mm x 85mm with 4 x 8mm holes. Components for 60mm High Mesh SEP3010 Quick Fit Universal Coupling For holding two wires together on the side of 60mm high meshTabs foldable with pliers SEP3011 Quick Fit Side Mounting Universal Coupling for connecting 60mm high mesh together SEP3012 Quick Fit 20mm

Wire Mesh Cable Trays & Components

S.E.P are the only NZ company to have built their own machine to manufacturer Stainless steel wire mesh cable trays. Stainless Steel Basket Section Mesh Cable Tray is made in New Zealand using: 5mm—T304 / ½ Hard Tempered Stainless Steel Rod. This rod is sourced from overseas and has been manufactured to the International specification