We are located in Hamilton, New Zealand providing quality products from sheet metal and stainless steel wire. We manufacture components, accessories and complete machines for industries, such as food and dairy.

Our workshop is fully equipped with a 3 metre wide Brake Press, 2.4 metre Guillotine, Water Jet Cutter, Spot Welders, Stud Welders and
Tig & Mig Welders.

From design to complete fabrication, we build electrical enclosures, cabinets and other products to customer requirements. Our water jet cutter means we can provide a complete service from computer drawings to delivery of your product.

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process so there is no heat effect meaning no surface hardening or grinding required for welding preparation. Water jet cutting is also ideal for low volume one-offs, prototypes and fine intricate shapes. All materials can be cut with a degree of accuracy that ranges from a component ready for machining or welding to completely finished to within 0.1mm

Electrical support – resident qualified electrician.

We offer electrical installation of equipment.