Pole Mounted Enclosure

Standard Dimensions: 600mmH x 300mmW x 220mmD S.E.P can provide a solution to house components for a variety of heavy-duty outdoor applications including rail, road/traffic management, outdoor data, circuit breakers, lighting systems and general industrial applications. Our Pole-Mounted Enclosures are designed to protect electrical equipment from harsh outdoor environments. Non-Vented enclosures Comply with IP65 while the


S.E.P Cabinets have been designed with cleanliness and IP protection in mind. The cabinet is cut to size, folded, seam welded, hand-polished with a 180 grit level, grain finished. The body has a wide gutter with extra returns keeping liquids away from the gasket. The Sealing Gasket is Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) which gives the door