ABB Kabeldon KSFS Busbar System

Touch Proof Phase-Busbars Kabeldon busbars are used with switching devices and accessories in all kind of low voltage distribution systems in cable distribution cabinets, distribution boards, substations and compact secondary substations, CSS.Kabeldon busbar system may be combined with a wide range of switching devices and connectors. The busbars fulfills the degree of protection IP2X according

ABB Load Break Switches

Switch-disconnectors 16 to 4000 Amperes Reliable in extreme conditionsABB switch-disconnectors are designed, built and tested for the best possible performance. They are designed to be virtually maintenance-free across their entire extended lifespan and offer reliable performance in any and all possible circumstances. Durability has been ensured by testing switches against the IEC60947- 3, UL508, UL98

ABB Current Transformers (CTs)

CT-ZLBM123-200/5-1 CT rear side inst. kit 200A/5A 3,75VA cl.1 CT-ZLBM123-400/5-1 CT rear side inst. kit 400A/5A 5VA cl.1 CT-ZLBM123-600/5-1 CT rear side inst. kit 600A/5A 5VA cl.1 CT8/800 CT8/800 is used to transform primary currents to../5A secondary currents for c.a. measurement instruments CT8/2000 CT8/2000 is used to transform primary currents to../5A secondary currents for c.a.

ABB Kabeldon CDC Series Cable Distribution Cabinets

Hot-dip Galvanized Cable Distribution Cabinets Kabeldon CDC is developed in close collaboration with users and meets the requirements for simplicity and flexibility. A number of practical functions make the installer’s work easier. Kabeldon enclosures ensure easy and safe installation in all kinds of distribution systems such as cable distribution cabinets, pillars and other applications. The

ABB Kabeldon FD 3300 Disconnectors

Disconnectors with dependent manual operation Kabeldon disconnector FD 3300 is intended for single-pole breaking and disconnecting a connected cable from the busbar system. Main benefits The busbar system can be disconnected with two disconnectors without stopping the current from the incoming cable passing through. Utilization category according to IEC 60947-3. FD3300 Disconnector for single pole

ABB Kabeldon Busbar Connectors

ABB busbar connectors are expertly engineered to ensure safety, usability and continuous operationEngineered for usabilityThe connectors have been designed for easier cabling and visual inspection of connections. The cabling space has been increased and the tightening torque has been harmonized. This speeds installation up and expands the areas of application. Tested for reliabilityThe connectors have

Crutch Stands

The S.E.P Crutch Stands are designed to be used in Hospitals, Doctors surgery waiting rooms, disabled facilities as well as the private home. The crutches are supported by two stainless steel swagged flutes, making easier access for the crutches to be positioned. The swagged flutes are attached to a solid stainless steel base with stud